Resources Prime Steel inc. has the ability to react to your absorption needs without limitations. It is in this respect that Resources Prime Steel Inc. though an agreement will take CarboTech AC GmbH (Germany) as a precious opportunity to bring German best quality activated carbons and carbon molecular sieves to our customers, together with our best services. CarboTech stands out from its competitors through the innovative, cooperative development of products, processes and solutions, with its own production capacities in Essen and a strategic worldwide procurement system.


CarboTech AC GmbH is the leading producer of activated carbon in Germany. CarboTech offers a wide spectrum of extruded, granulated or pulverized activated carbons (based on hard coal, wood or coconut shell as source material) to be used to a comprehensive range of treatment processes, including impregnation, drying, fractioning and dedusting. The activation is achieved in either a fluidized bed, in a rotary kiln, or in a shaft furnace. The activated carbons are produced at their location in Essen or by selected contractors, mostly in Asia. The development of attractive solutions in the area of adsorption techniques requires more than just the delivery of activated carbons. Hence, CarboTech offers a highly efficient reactivation at their location in Essen, where spent activated carbons are taken back, recycled, reactivated or properly disposed of.


CarboTech AC GmbH is the inventor of carbon molecular sieves (CMS) and still one of die leading producers of high quality performance CMS to pressure swing adsorption (PSA) units in world. CarboTech offers products of an outstanding price/performance ratio for PSA-based nitrogen generation, biogas upgrading, nitrogen rejection and hydrogen refining. The customer benefits are:


  • Excellent performance of carbon molecular sieves
  • Outstanding product quality made in Germany
  • Impressive mechanical properties (high hardness, low dust formation, no fines)
  • Comprehensive service, including short lead times and competent advice
  • CarboTech quality promise is justified by numerous references from all over the world and rooted in almost 40 years of accumulated know-how and experience.

With more than 30 years of accumulated know-how in the production and application of CMS, CarboTech AC GmbH is the most experienced partner for PSA-based Nitrogen Generation. Worldwide, innumerable Nitrogen Generators are powered by CarboTech carbon molecular sieves, starting with small scale laboratory units and covering the whole range up to PSA-plants exceeding the 1.000 Nm3/h limit. The number of units is increasing day by day, as PSA-based Nitrogen Generation equipped with CarboTech CMS is considered state-of-the-art.


CarboTech Products and Applications::

Activated Carbon

  Gas Phase Applications

Extruded activated carbons Classic Basic
Catalyst Carrier
Solvent recovery H-BP
Solvent recovery M-BP
Solvent recovery L-BP
Vapour Recovery units (VRU)
Respiratory Filter
Air Purification
Elimination of acid gases
Elimination of alkaline gases
Odour Control
Soil Vapour Extraction
Nicotine adsorption, tobacco pipe filters
Desulfurization Biogas
Combination Desulfurisation/DeNOx
Treatment of radioactive gases
Phospine and Arsine removal
Ozone elimination
Treatment of compressed air
Mercury elimination
Granular Activated Carbons
Air purification
Automotive cabin air filtration
Treatment of compressed air
Ozone elimination
Household applications
Powdered activate carbons
Flue gas cleaning

Activated Carbon

  Liquid Phase Applications

Extruded activated carbons Classic Basic
Decolourisation of liquids
Iron and manganese removal
Granular Activated Carbons
High performance separation processes
Separation processes in chemistry (e.g. glycerine purification)
Process media treatment in refineries (e.g amine solutions)
Potable water purification in waterworks
Potable water purification in households (cartridges)
Groundwater remediation
Sand filter replacement
Equipment of cartridge systems
Water pre treatment for beverages
Separation processes in the foodstuff industry
Sulphite and peroxide elimination
Purification of swimming pool water
Waste water treatment
Gold recovery
Deoiling of condensates
Treatment of landfill waste water
Powdered activated carbons
Separation processes in the foodstuff industry
Rapid Kinetic-Adsorption
Potable water purification in waterworks
Sulphite and peroxide elimination
Waste water treatment

Carbon molecular sieves

Classic Basic
Hydrogen purification HS
Hydrogen purification FC
LP-Nitrogen Generation
MP-Nitrogen Generation
HP-Nitrogen Generation
Biogas treatment (CO2-removal)