Resources Prime Steel inc. as newly established new chemical business unit to provide high quality chemical treatment products developed and customized to provide specific needs in the gas-processing industry that enable our midstream customers to operate at peak efficiency.


Numerous chemicals are used in various processes of the natural Gas processing industry (I.e. gas sweetening, gas dehydration, hydrocarbon liquids treating, water treatment, hydrate/cot onion/scale Inhibition). The number and the complexity of composition of process chemicals has increased greatly over the last decades, however, the occupational hazards of exposure to these agents has received little attention. As such, we review the various treating processes in the gas industry, the type of chemicals used in each processes, and some of their characteristics. We then place emphasis on those for which significant toxicity has been established or is suspected and those for which there is incomplete information on their chemistry and health hazards, where the ultimate objective is to promote the safe use of these agents in the gas-processing industry.


At Resources Prime Steel Inc. we can survey the gas processes and recommend a gas treatment program to meet your needs and solve your system difficulties. This is exactly how we work with the chemical companies we serve. We don't just sell chemical products to you, we work with you to develop new ways to improve your process, meet your environmental goals and to help meet your needs.


Whatever your chemical products needs in the gas processing Industry are, you can always count on Resources Prime Steel Inc for an efficient, cost-effective solution. Through the expertise of our people, we are helping chemical businesses operate smarter, cleaner, and more economically.

At Resources Prime Steel Inc. we provide a comprehensive range of unique services to our customers.

Our Strengths are summarized as follows:

  • Offering a wide range of high-performing zeolite molecular sieves, carbon molecular sieves, silica gels, mercury removal absorbents, activated carbons, and bed support materials to meet the demanding needs of the market.
  • Providing EPCM services for the absorption units on customer's particular absorption application that will ensure the unit is built, started up and operated successfully.
  • Optimizing existing absorption units to save regeneration energy costs, extend the absorbent life, and reduce the replacement costs
  • Loading and unloading assistance to minimize downtime and bring the absorption unit back online within the minimum possible timeframe.
  • Offering a complete suite of field technical services to get the absorption up and running and to keep it that way.
  • Training operation personnel to keep absorption unit operating profitably, reliably and safely.