No project is complete without these items. We complete our packages by providing a complete range of accessories to suit your project needs. Below is list of accessories we provide.

Material Norms Grade Range
Carbon Steel A193 B7, B7M 0.25" - 3"
Carbon Steel Low Temperature A320 L7, L7M 0.25" - 2"
Stainless Steel A193 B8, B8M2  




Material Norms Grade Range
Carbon Steel A194 2H, 2HM, GR4 0.625" - 3"
Stainless Steel A194 Gr8,Gr8M 0.625" - 3"


Model Grade Range
Spiral Wound Gaskets Carbon Steel/ Stainless with Outer and inner Ring & Welding 0.25" - 48"
Non Asbestos soft cut Gaskets Compressed Fiber Jointing Material Neoprene, EPDM, VITON, NBR & Silicon 0.25" - 48"
Ring Joint Gaskets Soft Iron, Stainless Steel- 304,316/316L RX,BX API 16,20 0.5" - 24"