Carbon Molecular Sieves
Extruded , Powdered & Granular Activated carbons

Forged and Cast valves, Carbon Steel valves, Low Temp valves

Duplex/Super Duplex Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel-Low Temp
Stainless Steel ..

Seamless & Welded

Interpipe (Ukraine), Tubos Reunidos (Spain), Sumitomo (Japan), Tenaris, Arcelor Mittal (Romania, Czech Republic, South Africa), US Steel, TMK (Volzhsky, Artom), JFE (Japan), Hyundai (Korea), Bentler (Germany) JST (China), Tianda (China), Lontrin (China)

Carbon Steel Flanges
Wrought Carbon Steel fitting
Bolt and Gaskets

Wrought Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel, low temp,
Alloy Steel, High pressure

Carbon Steel Flanges Wrought Carbon Steel fitting

Forged Carbon Steel Valves
Duplex Stainless Steel- Forged
Duplex/Super Duplex Cast Steel

Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Check
Ball, Plug, ESDV, Strainers
Safety Relief Valve

Forged and Cast valves, Carbon Steel valves, Low Temp valves
RPS provides customers with high quality products & services.

Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable quality growth.

Mechanical Division

Our team deals with all your piping requirements for both your stock and project items. We carry a wide range of seamless (CS & LTCS), and welded process and line pipes from 0.5 " to 36 " along with their respective flanges and fittings. This extensive stock is only coming from leading manufacturers fully certified and approved by all major end users.

Chemical Division

RPS has on board a team of chemical engineers to help understand your Chemical Requirements. We specialize in adsorption products and are able to offer our clients technical design options tailormade to the project requirement.

Technical Services

A highly skilled team of engineers provide the exact solution needed to suit your project. We offer a variety of value added services to ensure complete compliance to your project requirements.

Our Products

Mechanical Products

We provide a comprehensive range of Equipment and Pipe/Vale/Fittings (PVF) products for Oil & Gas, Offshore & Onshore Petrochemical, Power, Water & Wastewater, Food, and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Chemical Products

We provide high quality chemical treatment products in Adsorption applications such as Activated Carbon, Silica Gel, Alumina, and Molecular Sieves, developed and customized to provide specific needs in the gas-processing, Gas and Liquid Purification applications.